A Comparison of Polygons from Multispectral Images by Using Multispec Software and GIS Tools



. Ashraf A. Elkoushya & Ahmed El-Aksharb

a) Civil Engineering Department – Faculty of Engineering – Suez Canal University

b) Public works Department -Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University


The classification of data collected by a multispectral sensor had done by using the multispec

software. The data was analyzed through a number of processing steps to achieve the required

classification of the spectral data to adequate, exhaustive, separable classes. This research

discusses the analysis of the multispectral data gathered by an airborne. It was found that this

classification is depended on many factors, e.g. clustering process, the spectral band

utilizedand final requirement. This study compares two systems of calculation polygons area,

by using multispec software and GIS tool. The results showed that the area of classified

polygons improved by using GIS tool.

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