Fayez W. Zaki and Nagy Y. Hassan

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Eng. , Faculty of Eng. Mansoura University



A Mobile ad hoc network is a collection of wireless nodes, all of which may be mobile, laptop ,

personal digital assistants, that dynamically create a network without using any infrastructure.

Each host participating in the network acts both as a host and as a router. As mobile hosts are no

longer just end systems; each node must be able to function as a router as well as to relay packets

generated by other nodes. As the nodes move in and out with respect to each other, the resulting

changed topology must somehow be able to communicate to all other nodes as appropriate.

In such networks, it is of a special importance to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS), such as

packet loss and bandwidth, should be guaranteed. To accomplish this, an admission control

scheme which guarantee bandwidth for real-time applications in multihop mobile ad hoc

networks is developed. In this scheme there is end-to-end bandwidth calculation and bandwidth

allocation. To perform this objective, the source is informed of the bandwidth and QoS available

to any destination in the network to enable the establishment of QoS connections and the efficient

support of real time applications in the network.

Simulation results showed distinct performance advantages of the introduced protocol over those

reported previously.

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