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Wafaa M. Shalash, Fatma E. Z. Abouchadi

Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,

Mansoura University, Egypt.


paper presents an improved fingerprint verification system by involving an improved

fingerprint enhancement stage using a combination of Inverse filtering and Gabor filtering

algorithms with dynamic block size in order to improve image quality in the enhancement

stage. It has been noticed that the computations of the local ridge direction and also the other

enhancement steps are affected heavily by the used block size. Therefore, an attempt has been

made to develop a more accurate approach which dynamically decides the block size. It is

based on the local ridge frequency. This work also introduces a set of directional

morphological filters utilized for preprocessing the binarized image The effect of the

proposed enhancement algorithm on the fingerprint verification system performance has been

tested to fingerprint images from FVC2000 and it shows a promising result.

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