للكاتبين :

1Amr Sayed Hassan, 2 Mohsen M. Tantawy, 2Bahnasy M. nossier

1National Telecom.Regulatory Authority (NTRA)

2 National Telecom. Institute


WIMAX is one of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) which offers high speed voice, video

and data services for the “last mile,” which is presently dominated by the cable and digital

subscriber line (DSL) technologies. The biggest advantage BWA has over its wired

competitors is its increased capacity and ease of deployment, since networks can be created in

just weeks by deploying a small number of base stations on buildings or poles to create highcapacity

wireless access systems. The biggest obstacles for WIMAX deployment are the cost

of the customer premises equipment (CPE) and the overall performance of the system [1].

The objective of this research to is to model and simulate the WIMAX OFDM physical layer

[2] and to test radio channels, by means of simulations the performance, in terms of BER (Bit

Error Rate) as a function of Eb/N0.

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