Bluetooth Based Telemetry/ PLC System



Department of Electrical Engineering

College of Engineering , King Saud University


Bluetooth has been one of the best trustable short distance wireless communication systems

that can be accessed and used very easily. It is envisaged that it will allow for the replacement

of the many propriety cables that connect one device to another with one universal radio link.

Its key features are robustness, low complexity, low power and low cost. Designed to operate

in noisy frequency environments, the Bluetooth radio uses a fast acknowledgement and

frequency hopping scheme to make the link robust. In this work, a telemetry/PLC Bluetooth

based system will be introduced and described. The system is a general data acquisition and

control system that may be used in several application in industry , biomedical equipments ,

building management systems and Car Area Networks ( CANs) . The system described is

completely built using the AT 89C52 μ-controller and the Blu2i Bluetooth module from TDK

system. Example of applications of the system are in security, home appliances control, and

remote data acquisition .Experimental work confirm the estimated system performance .

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