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Ashwaq Omar Maghraby , Mostafa S. Saleh and Fathy E. Eassa

Faculty of engineering- Cairo University – Cairo Egypt


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an important distributed information resource. GIS

technology is being utilized in many areas of research. Based on the concept of agent, we

introduce a multi-agent architecture to develop a GIS Multi-Agent System (GISMA) that enables

cooperation to assist different users to locate and retrieve spatial GIS file information in large


GISMA consists of two subsystems: Gathering subsystem; and Query subsystem. The Gathering

Sub-System is used to collect spatial GIS file information from remote locations, and to store

them in the server. The Gathering subsystem consists of many agents which have been built to

locate and retrieve the necessary GIS vector/raster files information and publish the information

in such a way that other agents will be able to find it and recognize its value to their user. A

database is used to store the information gathered from the Gathering Sub-System agents.

The Query Sub-System is used to help the user in his/her daily work with the GIS; it works as a

GIS retrieval (query) tool. The Query Sub-System consists of a User Interface Agent and other

agents which cooperate with each other and with the Gathering Sub-System agents to retrieve

GIS information and filter the retrieved information by identifying the user’s necessities.

A prototype of the GISMA system is implemented and evaluated using Java programming

language and Aglet. The Aglet agent server manages mobile agents as well as stationary (static)

agents. The objective is to demonstrate how the agents can cooperate to transparently locate and

retrieve GIS information.

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