The Royal Commission for Jubail,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be organizing conference  the "City Planning, Experience and Results " to be held, God willing, in Jubail Industrial City, Eastern Province, during the period 10-12 January 2010, together with an accompanying exhibition on the same theme. 

Conference Objectives: 

The conference aims at promoting Jubail Industrial City, keep up with the latest in the various fields of planning, identify and benefit from the experience of others for future application, recognize disadvantages to avert them, exchange expertise, enhance interaction between government and private sectors and engineers working in the field of city planning to accumulate further experience, highlight private sector's role in developing urban and architectural planning and underline the significance of environmental protection and sustainable development in city planning. 

Working Papers: 

The conference Scientific Committee is pleased to invite all researchers and those interested in urban and architectural planning to submit abstracts of their scientific researches on the following topics: 

Strategic and structural planning.

 Transportation planning.

Urban design.

 Technology applications in planning.

Sustainable development and green cities.

Recent concepts and techniques in city planning.

The economic dimension of Urban development.

Tourism planning as a tool for development.

Development and marketing of city centers and seafronts.

Role of private sector in city planning and urban design development.

Effect of planning patterns on city development.  

If you wish to present a working paper, please let us know, and provide us with a one-page abstract of your lecture not later than 8.07.2009. In the event you intend to present the working paper/lecture, please include the following information: 

  Full name, employer, contact details, e-mail address.

  Your resumé. 

conference Languages: Arabic & English. 

Participation in the Exhibition:

To participate in the exhibition stands, please contact the coordinator. 

Should you require further information, please call Eng./Ali Al-Kubaisi at +96633413000, extension 3614, mobile + 966552211900, fax +96633414657, or e-mail, during working hours 07:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

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