Effect of the Friction Stir welding parameters on the mechanical properties of Al 5083 joint

للكاتبين :

G. Abd El-Nasser, A. El-Baghdady, H. Abd El-Hafez

Faculty of Engineering, Suez canal University, Port said


Friction stir welding (FSW) is a relative new welding technique and has emerged as

one of the most important solid state joining process that can have enormous potential for

applications in many major industrial applications such as aerospace, automotive and

shipbuilding. The present work is aimed to get a sound friction stir joint for Al 5083-H. The

effect of tool geometry, traverse speed, rotational speed, joint thickness and one or double

sided welding technique on the mechanical properties of the joint is investigated.

The obtained results show a significant effect of the pin geometry as well as travel speed on

the mechanical properties of the FS-joints.

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