للكاتب :

F. Bayoumi


With the deployment of electronic services such as e-learning, e-business, etc, through the

Internet, there is a great need to guarantee the provided Quality of Service (QoS). An

underlying IP-based network provides no preferential treatment to IP packets. Traffic

Engineering (TE) enhances the performance and utilization of an operational network at both

the traffic and resource levels. However the best effort characteristic of IP makes it unable to

support TE. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technique, recently introduced, to

support TE. This study implements MPLS with DiffServ to evaluate the End to End QoS, for

real-time application in heterogeneous networks. To prove that simulation under different

scenario are applied. Simulation results show that MPLS generally allows for faster packet

transfer than IP is true. Also in congestion case, MPLS greatly improves the network delay

for real time application and makes it not sensitive to traffic variations. At the end of the

paper the conclusion and future works are given.

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