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Amjad A. Yasin., Raed M. Samra

Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Al-Balqa Applied University, Amman, Jordan.


This paper proposes a procedure for incorporating the effects of thermal and mechanical loads

on the analysis of reinforced concrete beams. Two basic assumptions are made: 1. linear

strain, stress and temperature distributions, and 2. cracked concrete section. The thermal

curvature is fully restrained. Curves of thermal moment versus tension steel ratios are

produced and may be used in a designer oriented approach to predict the thermal moment for

any section size, with different tension and compression steel ratios, temperature gradient and

grades of concrete and steel.

A comparative study is performed to highlight the effect of various design parameters such as

the concrete compressive strength, yield strength of steel, area(s) of reinforcing steel and

section dimensions on the thermal moment. Finally, the effect of thermal gradients on the

spacing of expansion joints is discussed.

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