Evaluation of Hydraulics Laboratory Facilities: Problems and Proposed Solutions


A. A. Boraey, G. A. Ghoneim, A. Helmy, A.M. Negm and T.M. Owais

Dept. of Water & Water Structures Eng., Faculty of Engineering,

Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt, EAbstract

Experimental work for undergraduate students is an essential part of their study of

engineering science especially fluid mechanics and hydraulics studies. The experimental

work of fluid mechanics and hydraulics provides a tool for clear understanding of different

phenomena as it expresses these phenomena in a visual manner. Due to many reasons,

experimental work for engineering students in the field of fluid mechanics and hydraulics is

not available or cannot be performed in the desired manner. These reasons are: (i) the

increasing numbers of students, (ii) the lack of staff members specially those familiar with

experimental work, (iii) the weak capabilities of laboratories and lack of financial aids, which

make these laboratories inadequate for the required tasks, and (iv) the number of experiments

to be studied by each student requires a method of education with less time requirements.

With the widespread of personal computers and computer laboratories accompanied by the

advances in computer science and related topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Expert

systems, it is believed to be a good tool for improving the educational process in field of

experimental hydraulics for engineering students. It is recognized that the education in

modern societies must undergo major transition in order to be in touch with the technological

developments of the 21st century . The objectives of this paper may be stated as follows: (i)

surveying of the facilities avalilable in the Zagazig University Hydraulics Laboratory

(ZUHL) and evaluating them with a proposed solution of the existing problems to improve its

performance, (ii) developing an educational software (using visuabl Basic 6.0) which helps

enhancing the outcome of the undergraduate students of civil engineering in the field of

experimental hydraulics, with the ability of the software (a) to evaluate the understanding of

the undergraduate students to experimental work. (b) to provide a database for the apparatus

and the associated experiments in ZUHL.

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