Evolution of the texture of deformation and recrystallization during annealing of wire draw steel

للكاتبين :

M. Zidani1, S. Messaoudi1, Z. Boumerzoug1 and T. Baudin2

1: University of Biskra- Department of Metallurgy, BP-145, Algeria

2: Laboratory of Physico-chemistry of Solid State – Building 410 University Paris-South, ICMMO, UMR

CNRS 8182, 91405 Orsay Cedex- France


The aim of this work is the comprehension of the evolution of the microstructure and the texture of

deformation during the cold wire drawing of the steel wire intended for industrial applications. In

parallel, we tried to better apprehend the influence of the level of deformation by wire drawing on

the kinetics of recrystallization of drawn wire. The study was undertaken on an initial wire (F10),

more used by the Tréfisoud firm, which is a steel at low carbon (0,06% C). After hot rolling, the

initial wire has a ferreto-perlitic structure. The ferritic grains are equiaxe with an average size of 10

μm. The Pearlite has a lamellar structure. The characterization of the microstructure and texture of

our state of reference (initial wire) revealed a completely recristallized microstructure which

correspond to an isotropic state (without texture). In addition the studied drawn wire had a

deformed structure which, as the level of wire drawing increases, transforms into a textured fibrous

structure (majority fibre <110>// the axis of wire drawing ND). The temperature effect is studied

below the eutectoid level, at 500°C and 600°C. The appearance of a homogeneous recrystallization

is noted over the section of the wire. The recrystallized grains keep the same orientation as the

deform grains. It was also noted that the level of deformation increases the kinetics of the

recrystallization and lead to refinement of the ferritic grain.

The experimental techniques used in this study are: the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), the

Electron Back Scattered Diffraction (EBSD), the X-ray diffraction and Vickers microhardness.

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