للكاتبين Abdelaziz Benmarce1, Benouis Abdelhalim1 and Benmehidi Nadia2

1 Civil Eng. Faculty of Science & Eng., University of Guelma, , Algeria

2Faculty of Eng., University of Annaba, El Hadjar S/Amar Annaba, Algeria


Explosive spalling can threaten the integrity of the whole structure and could lead to total

structural collapse. This raises serious concerns about studying this phenomenon and identifying

the influencing factors and methods of liquidations. Among the factors that have been identified as

influencing spalling of high strength concrete structures subjected to fire, some are related to material

properties, such as porosity, tensile strength, thermal elongations, and moisture content or thermal


Other factors, although directly influenced by the material properties are related to the structure, the stress

distribution depending on the loading and support system, and the presence of steel rebars. Indeed, in this

paper, the support system is one of the influencing factors that the spalling of the concrete surface when

subjected occurs. The paper contains main results and conclusions. It is found that, the maximum value of

axial deformation is independent of the rate of heating and it is dependent on the load that has been

applied during the test.

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