Formulation and the study of the height performance concrete (HPC)


 Dalila BENAMARA(1) & Bouzidi MEZGHICHE(2)

(1)Departement Civil, Engineering, University Center of Djelfa (Algeria).

(2)Departement Civil, Engineering, University of Biskra (Algeria).


The concrete material remains its existence at the beginning of XIX century, it is the key

element in construction, and it always presents an integrat part in the construction of the

whole work, its intensive and large use raises the problem of its quality and durability. At

present, it is possible to make and to manufacture concretes of 150MPa in condition to be able

to dispose a cement designed especially for this purpose ,also the silica fume and aggregates

particularly powerful and an improved super plaster which does not involve the trapped air.

Our work Registers in the frame of the valorization of the local materials, it is based on the

manufacturing and producing an HPC .Powerful a powerful and an economic HPC from

simple materials which exist in the Algerian market .A concrete has properties (Mechanical,

Physical, chemical, physico-chemical, rheological, durability and the implementation) very


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