للكاتبين :

Ali Hadi Hussein1, Ashor Al Sellami2

1High Vocational Comperhensive Institute Bengashier Tripoli – Libya

2Faculty of Engineering -Al Fateh University -Tripoli – Libya


In this work, a system that has the ability to recognize and identify persons from their

handwriting is designed. Wavelet transform algorithm was utilized to analyze the individual

characters of certain person's writing. Complex moments are used as tool for the

differentiation between different persons.

This involves process that requires isolating the individual characters from the input images,

because adopted writing involved series of characters; e.g. capital English letters "A through


The 1st order decomposition level of the wavelet transform is utilized. This utilization is

adopted to perform the recognition and identification process quickly and adequately.

The test was implemented on 40 samples of 10 persons voluntaries. Some of the samples were

used for verification tests.

Minimum distance classifier (based on Euclidian distance) is used to test the similarity or

closeness between matched samples. Three handwriting versions, for each person, has been

adopted and used as reference data reserved in the constructed database.

Complex moments of four decomposed sub images (i.e. LL, LH, HL, HH) were computed

and used as featured vectors to be compared in the recognition and identification processes.

The developed system utilized the power of the Visual Basic 6 for performing the required

operations involved in our designed system.

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