Hospital Architecture and the Digital Revolution


Dr. Francesca Giofrè

Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”,

Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia, Italy


The frenetic development in the fields of telematics

technology and automation sees constant changes in the

modality of giving the health care, in the managing

organization of the hospital services nonetheless in the

architecture of the same hospital building. The project of a

hospital building nowadays cannot leave aside the

knowledge of the potential expressed by digital revolution in

terms of new distribution, spatial proximity and

quantification of the functional areas. The speed of the

changes induced by the importation of the diagnostic and

telematics technology, keeps on growing and with it the

strength of the attrition between technology of the health

care and the spatial organization of the hospital, and also,

between the “container” – the hospital – and its contained –

the technologies.

A primary importance has to be directed from the planner to

the potential expressed by the new diagnostic and therapy

integrated equipment with the telematics systems for data,

information and images transfer. This paper intends to face

the impact of the digital revolution in the re-organization of

the spaces dedicated to health care e to the diagnostic in the

hospital building.not current any survey respect to the past.

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