Mohammad T. Awwad


Hot mix asphalt concrete is produced by properly blending asphalt, coarse and fine aggregates in addition

to filler at temperatures ranging from 80 to 1650C. This research work is directed to study the effect of

replacing the conventional aggregates by the recycled light weight aggregate concrete (LWAC) on the

properties of the produced asphalt mix. The research studied the optimum asphalt content and the effect of

some parameters on the properties of the recycled LWAC.

The research included studying thirty-six Marshal Specimens lie in four main groups. Each group was

made from crushed LWAC in addition to a comparison gruop used the pumice instead of the crushed

LWAC. The LWAC mixes contained (0%, 10%, 15% and 20%) of silica powder content.

The density, stability, flow, percentages of the air voids in the compacted mixture (VTM), compacted

mineral aggregate (VMA) and the voids filled by asphalt (VFA) were investigated for all the studied


The main conclusions drawn from the current research implies that the optimum percent of asphalt was

7.5% for the different percentages of silica powder ratios. The presence of voids in the light weight

aggregates and the porosity of the obtained concrete affected largely the behavior of the obtained mix.

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