Iinternational conference on Urban Planning & Information Society,


May 20-23 2007 at Tech Gate Vienna, Austria

"To plan is not enough"
Strategies, Concepts, Plans, Projects and their Successful Implementation
in Urban-,  Regional- and Real Estate Development
A major goal is to intensify the discussion between real estate experts and urban planners and develop common ideas for shaping the future, with a special focus on chances and challenges of the information- and knowledge society.
The main topic "To Plan Is Not Enough" focuses on the relationship between urban development and real estate buisness, some of the sub-topics are

  • from abstract plans to realized projects: co-operation of urban planning and real estate development in cities
  • PPP – Public Private Partnerships in urban and real estate development
  • Private and public space in the city of the future – who pays and who benefits
  • The needs of information- and knowledge society for the urban fabrique
  • Housing the info-society
  • Transport- and logistics-buildings: the underestimated live veins of the city
  • Urban-, Environmental and Transport technologies and their role in successful project-realization

Special topics:Beside the main topic there will be special forums for the following topics during REAL CORP 007:

  • Transport hubs as knowledge hubs
  • Digital Cities
  • Airport Cities
  • Geo-Multimedia-Technologies
  • Geo-Information-Infrastructures and Technologies

General topics of interest:Interesting contributions in the following fields are always welcome:

  • Urban planning and regional development in the information-society
  • City, Transport, Environment and reciprocal effects
  • Information- and communication technologies as planning support tools
  • Influences of ICT on spatial development
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to shape the future
  • Future perspectives of planning disciplines in the information society
  • "New Media " as communication-, co-operation and participation tools
  • Data sources and new methods for strategic spatial planning



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