للكاتبين S.H.R. Eslimy-Isfahany1 and G. Pegels2

1School of the Environment, University of Brighton, Brighton , UK

2Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Pauluskirchstr, Germany


The project idea aims at two main burdens of developing countries: Shortage of adequate housing

and lack of jobs. Historic experience based on the housing program in Germany after World

War II proves the feasibility of the project idea. To build housing for millions of families in destroyed

Germany was financially supported by a governmental program. Above all by this program

the German housing problem gradually was solved.

A million of jobless people got new jobs in the emerging building industry as well as in the adjacent

industries for construction equipment and engineering works. This was one of the roots of

the German Economic Miracle called “Wirtschaftswunder” paving the way to a peaceful future

with quality of life and eradication of poverty. The authors are supervising an international team

of PhD applicants for this project to give a similar chance to developing countries.

An individual system for housing is proposed based on visible light-weight steel members and a

most simple base isolation to make low-rise buildings affordable as well as earthquake-safe.

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