للكاتب :

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Rijab /assistant prof.

Technical Institute -Baquba / Mechanical Department


The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of addition of pure titanium ( 0.05

and 0.1 ) % on the microstructure of AL – 12% Si alloy , And the effect of long term

homogenization (552 Co ) on the microstructure development .

The microstructure result showed that the addition of (0.05)% Ti exhibited a partial

modification on the structure , addition of (0.1) % Ti to the alloy showed a marked effect on

the modification . Also the results showed that the transformation of silicon (Si) from needle

or fibrous shape to spheriodal shape was observed during homogenization of the alloys . the

spheriodal shape of silicon (Si) particles was obtained via five different stages . these stages

are growth , fragmentation , spheriodization , growth and steady state of spheriodized silicon

(Si) respectively .

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