Ahmed M. El-Kordy, Hisham Sobh

Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Al Azhar Univ., , Caio, , Egypt


Culture and technology are two strong powers in architecture. Technology is the power of our

century where architecture is trying to mold this power to achieve perfection. Technology is the

special achievement of our own age. No other factor has been more powerful and pervasive in

determining the character of our civilization, in its positive as in its negative aspects. Some

countries still preserve their precious culture and may technology with the better way of life ruin

it. Culture changes everyday due to the global communication that shortened the distance

between countries of different cultures. [1]

Architecture by the mean of technology could be the approach to culture and civilization of

societies. New architecture through technology is a new dimensionality in space that gives the

feeling of a musical note, where the music lines are made of artificial fibers and forming an

architecture membrane and these fibers are dancing in a homogenous and symphonic way, it

gives a feeling of fluid and clarity. This will lead us to a flexible architecture that depend on new

elements made of fiberglass, plastic, metal…and other flexible materials. It is functionally a

better architecture due to its flexibility. It depends on the high technology with its developed

advancement that may ruin the culture of some societies -that are trying to fight for their old

traditions- in order to produce better life. Therefore imitating the new architecture with its

technological advancement from developed countries in order to reach satisfaction regardless the

added value to the society is not a required trend. Architecture with high technology should be

appointed towards societies expressing valuable meanings in their culture and civilization.

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