Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 المخطط العام لمدينة ابوظبي 2030

The Plans presented on the following pages, that together comprise “Plan Abu Dhabi 2030”, the overall Urban Structure Framework Plan for the city, are conceptual solutions to the diverse array of challenges facing Abu Dhabi as it grows rapidly over the next quarter of a century.

As sketch concepts, they should not be taken literally as one would a zoning map in regard to specific development allowances for individual plots or sites. 

Each of these Plans requires further refinement, testing and articulation at a much finer scale before it can be used to take on a regulatory role. Under no circumstances should any of the plans, drawiings, models or sketches contained herein be construed as directives for

specific sites or areas. Rather, they represent themes of land use, form, access, and character to be achieved through detailed planning and design.

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