Polymeric Additives asViscosity Index Improvers and Pour Point Depressants for Lube Oil

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Nehal S. Ahmed*, Amal M. Nassar and Abdel – Azim A. Abdel – Azim.

Department of Petroleum Applications, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute,

Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.


Four esters were prepared by esterification of acrylic acid with alcohols having different

alkyl chain length. The structures of the prepared compounds were confirmed by I.R.

spectroscopy and molecular weight determination. Eight polymeric compounds were

prepared by free radical polymerization of different acrylate esters with maleic anhydride

and vinyl acetate. The molecular weights of the prepared compounds were determined by

GPC. The solibility of all prepared copolymers in lube oil was established. The prepared

copolymers were evaluated as viscosity index improvers (VI) and pour point depressants

for lube oil. It was found that the polymers were prepared from vinyl acetate monomer

are more efficient, as viscosity index improvers, than those prepared from maleic

anhydride. The VI increases with decreasing the side chain length of alcohol. On the

other hand the efficiency of the prepared copolymers, as viscosity index improvers

increases with increasing the concentration of the additives in the solution. The efficiency

of the prepared copolymers as pour point depressants increases with decreasing the

concentration of the additives and increasing the chain length of alkyl groups. The

prepared polymeric compounds from maleic anhydride with different alcohols are more

efficient as pour point depressant, than those prepared from vinyl acetate monomer.

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