Solid Waste Management During Production of Crude Oil

للكاتبين :

A.M.M. Saleh ( 1)*, F.H. Ashour ( 2) and S.M. El Sabagh ( 1)


The aim of this study is to use the solid petroleum wastes in road and building construction

purposes. To achieve this aim, the oily fraction of the waste was solvent extracted using

benzene. that was further used in making two asphaltic primers composed of, asphalt cement

of penetration grade 60/70 and blown asphalt of type 115/15 separately . For the obtained

solids the California Bearing Ratio (C.B.R.) was raised to be suitable for use as sub-grade

and base layers via using solid aggregates of size (2) and (6) separately in percentages of

20% and 50% by weight

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