للكاتبين :

Malika NEZAR, R.Abdessemed1 , LH Mouss1 , M.E.H. Benbouzid2

1Electrical engineering department – Faculty of Engineering Sciences –

University of BATNA, ALGÉRIA

2 IUT BREST – GEII department – university of BREST


With considering the role of the information in the biologic nervous system and the

importance of its processing time, realised in the frame of the organism protection, appears

the interest to resort to this one, in order to solve completely, the industrial failing problem.

By using this model, it would be possible to acquire the maximum of knowledge on the

process intervention insured by the doctor at time. And, by using the artificial neural

network approach, the behavioural reproduction would be the suitable supervision means

to start, in defect case, the real time diagnosis. To illustrate this idea and to demonstrate the

role of the artificial intelligence tools, this paper suggests a direct application on the real

time diagnosis of fault caused by one of the static converter switches, associated to an

asynchronous machine.

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