The Value of Automation in Khalda Beam Pumped Wells

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*Hanafy Hussein, **Nael Sadek , **Mohamed Ghareeb and ***Abu-zied A. El-Sayed

* Khalda Petroleum Company, Egypt ** Lufkin Middle East

*** Al Azhar university,Petroleum Eng.Dept.,Egypt


The need to enhance well performance is driving the growth of well automation and

optimization systems. In today’s efficiency demanding business world, producers require

systems that are capable of more than simply increasing the rate of production. Producers

also desire the ability to decrease system failure rates consequently minimizing well

down time and lifting cost by extending equipment running life, thus maximizing total

system efficiency. This paper will present the experience gained through the

implementation of Smart Sucker Rod System (SSRS) at Khalda field in the western

desert of Egypt. The key operating device of the SSRS is the Smart Well Manager (SWM)

which is an electronic device with the state of the art technology to obtain control of the

sucker rod well based on analysis of surface and downhole data. Moreover, this paper

will show the contribution of SWM to: reduce the frequency of well interventions, predict

and accelerate the detection of well failures and decreased associated downtime, faster

production optimization for new wells, and save on energy demand. Taking advantage of

the SSRS, we feel we are maximizing the benefits of Sucker Rod as an artificial lift


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