Manal Abd Alla Ahmed , Mahmoud El-saied Solyman

Zagazig University


As a result of reconstruction of existing buildings and pavements, the amount of demolition

materials is increasing every year. At the same time approval of additional facilities for waste

disposal or treatment are become more difficult to obtain. Furthermore increasing restrictive

environmental regulations have made waste disposal more difficult and expensive while the

available natural aggregate for pavement construction in some countries decreases. Many

scientific studies have been trying to provide us the information and methods to keep the

environmental clean and mention the natural balance of life and reuse of construction and

demolition materials in highway construction which has great benefits. The recycling of

waste and byproduct materials represents the main role in these studies. This study aims to

characterize the recycled aggregates produced from crushed concrete and bricks and to

examine properties of asphalt concrete produced with each recycled aggregates as a full or

partial replacement of the natural aggregates. The results will be used to find suitable

applications for each aggregate as pavement materials.

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