Ahmed M. El-Kordy, Alaa Farid

Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Al Azhar Univ., Caio, , Egypt


We communicate anywhere across the world instantly by a quickly growing electronic

telecommunications global market. Global communications have changed the way architects

work. We are today in the age of information where information is the key element by which

our culture transacts architecture. We move with great speed trying to achieve levels of

stimulations. Meaning is associated with place but today place has been transformed through

speed and access via image and attempts at virtual reality. The built environment today seams

a very confusing, individualistic and ever changing culture. Global communication,

technological advancement, trying to achieve perfection and associating the global

development, all helped in changing our culture gradually. The culture of information and

technology is our real culture. [1]

Vertical architecture is a global language based on the technological advancement. It is an

architectural solution where functions are arranged vertically. It is a philosophy that bounds

different countries of different cultures. It is one language but has several meanings, that

differs due to designing constrains and its relation to the region where it belongs to. Some

architects imitate high rise building with its technology from countries of higher technology to

other regions in order to reach satisfaction and other use the vertical architecture language

with its high technology fulfilling meanings adequate to the place and the community.

Vertical architecture is a global language that shortened the distance in the design concepts of

different countries and may differ according to concept messages related to each country.

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