Axis Drawing

Any language in the world consisting of symbols and characters recognized by their owners to use them in their dealings different Of correspondence and communications , and the language between the engineer rand  Construction workers the drawing language and the lines international as a specialized language to making plans for engineering projects where these plans contain many of the data and information that could be of the contractor and the supervising construction of this project according to the concept  design architectural from the standpoint of the Advisory, and according to the requirements of the owner,  They are highlighting many of the statements in such schemes, including:

1 – Internal and External dimensions.
2 – Major and minor axes.
3 – levels.
4 – Finishes.

And will be implicit in this report address axis in terms of its importance kinds of ways painted.
Where axis is the language in which construction can be translated lines to the walls on the ground, which can also learn continuity of the wall or any extended or deported and preparation beforehand.  


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