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Wael M. Elwan, Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad, Salem S. Abdel Aziz and Hesham E. Abdel Hameed

Mechanical Power Eng. Dept., Faculty of Eng., Zagazig University, Zagazig 44519, Egypt


In the present work, a CFD model was developed to predict the flow characteristics around

four different models of uncommon tall buildings. These models simulate typical actual

famous tall buildings. Local and total wind forces on tall buildings are investigated in terms of

the distribution of force parameters, such as pressure and drag coefficients, at different levels

along the height of the building model for different wind directions. Also, the results include

the streamline patterns as well as contours of Cp and turbulence kinetic energy. Results

demonstrate that both the pressure and drag coefficients, for most of the studied cases, reach

their maximum values (corresponding to stagnation) at 0.86 of the height of the building.

Then, the values of these two coefficients decrease gradually towards the roof of the building.

In the unsteady analysis, it was found that pressure takes a specified period of time to reach

the steady state condition. This time period depends on the building configuration and the

incoming wind direction. Interesting findings and conclusions are reported.

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