Ali M. Yousef ,. N. M. Ashtawa ,. M. R. Abuzied

Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering / Gharian

Al-Jabal Al-Gharby University


A proposed PSS suitable for power system under loading condition based on linear-quadratic

regulator (LQR) control has been established. The power system under study consists of a

synchronous machine connected to an infinite bus through transmission line. The output of

such stabilizer is fed directly to the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) of the synchronous

machine. The input to such stabilizer are four state variables, two are accessible which are the

deviation of the speed (Δω) and rotor angle(Δδ ). The other two inaccessible states that are

the deviation of the Voltage proportional to q-axis flux linkage. ( '

q ΔE ) and the Generator

field voltage ( fd ΔE ). An observer has been designed to access the two inaccessible states.

Digital simulation Matlab program and Simulink have verified the effectiveness of the

proposed PSS. The digital simulation responses have been drawing at different operating

conditions. The results proved the robustness and powerful of the proposed LQR stabilizer in

terms of fast damping response and less settling time of power system state time responses.

The digital simulation results show that the proposed robust LQR- PSS can achieve good

performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Moreover, a comparison between

power system time responses at variety of operating points using pole-placement approach

and the proposed robust LQR-PSS is carried out.

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