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Germin Farouk El-Gohary

Faculty of Engineering , Ain Shams University , Cairo , Egypt


transparency has been always a sign of purity, a symbol of air, water and magic. No one can bear the

magical beauty of landscape environments, which are created with many landscape and urban design

elements. Water has been the most significant and powerful transparent element in landscape, but what

about any other transparent materials that can be used to give more purity to the site. All landscapers

and urban designers were always using water only, neglecting any other transparent element. For

example, the architecture use now to glass has been rising to maximum, due to the powerful

technology in its manufacture. Nevertheless, few designers thought of using it in landscape.

This paper aims to focus on using many transparent elements, which can be used as an ingredient in

our modern landscape, and urban planning. The usage of classical water can be viewed explaining its

power of expressionism. Then analyzing some projects, which have been designed with other

transparent elements. Finally concluding and creating a list of new powerful, transparent elements of

landscape that can be used in our new era as a source of transparency and purification.

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