Urban Development: Theory vs. Practical Experiences Marrakech, Morocco, 24-26 May 2010

The cities in general, and the Arab cities as well, are challenged by
several problems such as the huge increase in their population which
would escalade the demand for housing , public facilities , safe
environment and employment opportunities. City authorities
managed to seek solutions for such situations through developmental
plans, which were regretfully, not integrated. The rate in the
population increase and the physical wide extensions, in many Arab
cities especially the capitals, exceeded – in most cases – the
expectations of such plans. Also coordination and integration of such
efforts were absent. As such, these cities were not able to develop
policies and future trends to face their population increase, improve
facilities and services, or the investment mobility.
This symposium presents these challenges for discussion to reach out
for suggestions that can assist the local authorities and municipalities
in their efforts and to help them benefit from successful international,
regional and local experiences
2. Significance:
The significance of this symposium stems from the importance of
reviewing the nature of problems and challenges that face urban
development in the Arab cities and approaches for tackling them. It is
also important to understand the development methods and plans and
the successful experiences.
3. Objectives
This symposium aims generally, to exchange expertise, review the
new developments in the urban planning field, and ways to benefit
from the modern technologies.
The specific objectives for this symposium are to:
• Emphasize the importance of applying the urban development
integrated methodology.

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