S. A. Osman, A. R. Khalim & N. A. Nik Abdul Adel

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering, UKM


Consistent with the advanced technology and recent development in building technology,

various shapes of high-rise buildings with light weight and highly strength materials are being

used nowadays. However because of the slenderness, these buildings are becoming more

sensitive and susceptible to the wind actions. The possibility of wind actions such as vortexinduced

oscillation, acceleration and lateral displacements at the upper levels, swaying at the

top and many others may occur. In order to minimize these problems, the response of highrise

building due to the wind actions should be determined. With regard to the current status

on the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology in wind engineering that has

become a popular tool for engineers in wind pressure prediction, thus this method of

application in the response analysis is investigated. This paper presents the study on the wind

and structure interaction using simulation modeling via multiphysics FEMLAB software. Two

modes of simulation method will be used in this modeling i.e. chemical engineering mode

using CFD code and structural mechanics mode using Computational Structural Dynamics

(CSD) code. Both modes of simulation are carried out using partial differential equations

(PDE’s) based on the finite element method (FEM) of discretization. Simulations on the wind

flow distribution around a single plate model representing a rectangular high rise building are

first carried out, followed by the response of the model in terms of displacements in structural

mechanics mode. The wind-structure interaction response of the model can be obtained from

the time dependent simulation. The predicted results from this simulation are then compared

with other researchers for validation.

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