Digital Approach in Architectural Education


Dr. Ali Chougui

Dept. of Architecture, University of Sétif,

RN5, Ave Said Boukhrissa, Sétif 19000 – Algeria.

The digital revolution has radically reconfigured the relationship

between conception and production, creating a direct digital link

between what can be conceived and what can be built through

information technology and virtual environment.

The introduction of digital fabrication also enabled architects to

produce scale models of their designs using processes and

techniques identical to those used in the industry.

Thus, a valuable feedback mechanism between conception and

production was established, this newfound ability to generate

construction information directly from design information is what

defines the most profound aspect of contemporary architecture.

The way an architect uses a design medium to sketch, interpret

and communicate spatial constructions strongly influences the

final outcome of the design process. Communication of ideas,

interpretation and understanding of space and the translation of

mental ideas to its physical counterpart take a key role in an

architect’s world.

Architecture is presently engaged in an impatient search for

solutions to critical questions about the nature and the identity of

the discipline, and digital technology is a key agent for prevailing

innovations in architecture.

The intention of this paper is to present a digital approach of an

architectural project education that is being experienced with the

forth year students in the university of Sétif department of

architecture, the main objective of this approach is to investigate

the co-relationship between the perception of space and the

resulting design of students, who use computer graphics and

drawings as a design tool for space component.

By identifying the specific tasks in the architectural design process

which are particularly influenced by spatial perception, the

required interaction techniques to be used in digital design

environments can be better understood and developed by students

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