Exploiting Perspectives on Intelligent Architecture to Develop Existing Built Environments


Arch. Khaled Ali Youssef

Department of Architectural

Engineering, Assiut University

Since its emergence in the early 1980s, the idea of Intelligent

Architecture (IA) has created an enormous demand for creating

built environments that can be termed 'intelligent'. The conflict

of IA has opened the door for intelligence in a broader context,

offering unlimited opportunities to leap forward. Architects have

been promoted to build Intelligent Buildings (IBs), and pressure

on owners and developers has been initiated. Subsequently,

existing built environments have been invited to experience a

level of IA in order not to lose tenants to their more intelligent

competitors, making the drive for IA to become a necessity.

In this paper, IA perspectives are exploited to develop the built

environment of the Department of Architectural Engineering

(DAE) at Assiut University. First, related works that tried to

develop similar built environments are introduced, highlighting

the applied IA profiles. Second, the Integrated Profile of IA

(IPIA) that was worked out by the author (1) is presented.

Finally, IA perspectives and viewpoints are exploited, according

to the worked out profile, to develop the DAE in the light of the

local abilities, demands and varying standards.

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