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MAZIAD,A.(*) ; GOUDA,M. (**)

(*)Mechanical Engineering Department, 10 th of Ramadan City.

(**)Engineering, British University In Egypt,BUE


Nowadays, in modern countries such as Japan and United States of America, HSLA steels

represents an important material in different fields of industry like automotive and

constructions for buildings and bridges.

For all of that mentioned above , we have studied the effect of adding different V percentages

to HSLA steel to see to what extent V plays an important role on the mechanical properties of

HSLA steel and to optimize the V content that can attain high tensile and yield strengths with

moderate ductility.

So, different four quantities of V had been added, e.g 0.04% , 0.155%, 0.19%, 0.19 % and

0.35% V and the Mechanical Properties had been investigated. It was found that

V has an important role in refining the structure. Where as the V content increases, the grain

size of ferrite and pearlite is decreased.

Also, it was found that the maximum effect of V on the mechanical properties was noticed

with increasing V from 0.04 to 0.19%, but a little effect was remarked with increasing V from

0.19 to 0.35%. So, , the optimum content of V in HSLA steel, which sustain a good

combination between tensile, yield and ductility, is 0.155.

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