للكاتبين :

Abd El- Wahab A Abd El- Wahab, Mohamed Farid zaghlool And

Hisham Al said Al Harmeel

Systems & Computers Engineering depertment.

Faculty of engineering, Al – Azhar University



The processes of representation and analysis of electrical power distribution systems have

become more and more complex. The present work aimed to find a solution for this problem

by using an object database model. This model is based on: Object orientation methodology,

graphical user interface (GUI) and grid data language (GDL) technique.

The current research designs a system to be implemented and used in distribution of electric

power system. This system called GDL generator and consists of two phases: (1) A visual

modeler phase, (2) A graph to GDL translator phase.

The visual modeler phase formed of three phases: the first is the drawing object icons phase,

the second is the creating user control phase, and the third is the drawing substation phase.

The first one (drawing object icons phase) used to draw the icons representing the electrical

network components symbols such as switch, transformer, circuit breaker, feeder, bus, … etc.

The second (creating user control phase) used to create an user control for drawing object

icons representing the components of electrical substation. These controls icons can be

converted into OCX and be added to the toolbox of visual modeler to be used for drawing a

substation one line diagram.

The last one (drawing substation phase) used to create one line diagram of the substation in

the GUI environments. This occurs by selecting and clicking the symbol of the object icon

representing the components of substations from toolbox, followed by dragging it to the

graphical editor and repeating to complete the substation one line diagram (graph).

The graph of one line diagram is translated into data base model by two phases: Creating

GDL properties phase, and Generating GDL phase. The creating GDL properties phase

creates all the network components of GDL (Branch_name, GDL_index, junction_name,

Reference, voltage_level, Bus_ID), these properties are used to generate GDL text.

The generating GDL phase generates the GDL text of the substation by applying the GDL

rules to describe the bus bar, bay and transformer. Also, the GDL text can be generated to all

substation, voltage level, transformers and bays according to GDL algorithms.

The system is designed based on object-oriented technology and implemented and tested

using visual basic language. The proposed methodology is considered a vital contender to the

SCADA system.

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