للكاتب C. KECHKAR1, Y. CHERAIT1(1) Laboratory of civil and hydraulic engineering (LGCH)

University of Guelma,– ALGERIA.


The concrete material remains since its existence at the beginning of XIXth century, the key

element in the construction industry, and always presents an integral part in the construction. Its

employment is broad and intensive because of its many qualities among which: a certain

durability, a good compressive strength, a good sealing and a relatively low cost… etc.

The improvement of its properties for a long time interests the researchers who proved that one of

the principal causes of their degradation is the trunk composition of the concrete.

The clothes industry of a good composition is conditioned by several parameters which particular

a judicious choice of the inert phase: sand + gravel.

Today all the authors agree to say that to maximize the compactness of the granular mixture led

to a good concrete [1].

The work suggested wants to be a contribution in the study of the compactness of the granular

mixtures by experimental and theoretical way, while being based on the concept of the linear


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