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Hany Mohamed1 , Mohamed AboRizka2

1Teaching Assistant Shorok academy

2Chairman of Ecommerce department Arab academy for science and technology


Mobile agents play a great role in powerful digital cash systems. They can carry a coin that

travels from one platform to another. Agents can be designed to learn and adapt to user needs

and habits. Also, they can be able to negotiate with bank agents for deposit, withdraw and so

on. According to its great role that they can play, so that they fire a lot of security issues. The

first threat occurs to the mobile agent when the attacker tries to hack mobile agent structure

(data and behavior), Obfuscation techniques make understanding Agent structure more

complex . The second threat fires when the attacker may claim the ownership of mobile agent,

so we need to prevent any one except the owner to claim the ownership of this mobile agent;

this is achieved by software watermarking techniques. The third threat fires when the attacker

may try to change or tamper mobile agent structure which is a critical challenge especially in

digital cash based mobile agent system. Tamper proof techniques can be used to detect any

modification for the mobile agent. Designing mobile agent becomes not complex as before by

favor of java and its technologies like aglets. Java environment as well as language features

such as security, Portability, network communication, server security and so on make java the

most suitable language for designing mobile agent.

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  1. THX that's a great ansewr!

  2. I thank you humbly for shraing your wisdom JJWY

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